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    serving micro & small businesses

  • Offer customers an easy, enjoyable, online shopping experience and grow your business online with a mobile-optimised website.



    Our foundation in 2015 was driven by a firm belief around the recognition and true value of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to Ireland. We are dedicated to ensuring that they not only remain open for business but thrive. By supporting SMEs, we also contribute to the local employment they generate, the service they provide to communities, and the overall boost they give to the Irish economy.

  • Our team has a diverse set of skills, all in one place. We're here to turn your business or concept into a reality, from start to finish.


    We work on original ideas and with passionate people to create contemporary, forward-thinking designs and digital experiences that reflect your vision at every stage of the design process. And we always aim to exceed expectations.


    We create solutions that are purpose-driven and visually distinctive. Our process, refined over the past 9 years, digs into your business, unveils its true identity, and builds on that for a clear and confident future.


  • We are an Irish digital design, e-commerce and marketing company serving local businesses and startups. Our goal is to launch not only a website, but a long-term relationship.

    Although Ireland plays host to some of the world’s biggest tech giants, many small businesses have not embraced e-commerce.


    Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, only an estimated 3.5 retailers out of 10 were able to take an online order through their website in Ireland.


    An online presence is not only essential for businesses now but also for how they will be positioned as Ireland emerges from lockdown.


    NICE Digital was created to help small business embrace digital commerce.


    How do people perceive you? Your logo and brand elements work together to create a feeling. Inspire confidence and pride. And help you compete.


    Modern web design attracts new customers, increases conversions, and helps retain loyal customers. Grow your business online with a mobile-optimised website.


    Your website tells the world who you are.

    We believe in empowering you to tell your story.


    We believe your brand experience begins before customers ever arrive at your website -- on the first page of search engine results. That you need to show up there, grab attention and reel them in.


    We can create your on-line presence; from registering your domain name to applying a fresh brand identity & story to developing a responsive, mobile & SEO ready website.


    Our commitment is to help you find your voice. Define your vision and bring it to life online. The great brands do this.