It's been a difficult week for many businesses trying to deliver their goods in time for Christmas. In many cases, a frustrating one for the customer sitting at home waiting. Some businesses have performed well, some haven't. Some believe that artificial intelligence is their answer to customer service as they expect chatbots to understand the needs and wants of their customers. Others are so focused on growth and market share that they've abandoned all customer care.

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Here are three ''straight-forward'' lessons that NICE Digital thinks small businesses can take from the past year.


One observation of businesses that have survived 2020 and even thrived is that they have been paying close attention to their customers. By listening & ensuring their customers were satisfied, they retained their loyalty. In some cases, this loyalty has been the cornerstone of their survival this year. Listen to Allen Flynn of Flynn Hotel Collection on Down To Business. 

Of course, having the cash reserves to pivot, if required, in order to best serve these customers is critical. Still, the point stands. Review the businesses & brands that you enjoyed buying from in 2020 and identify why that was. Deafness is likely the cause of those interactions that you didn’t enjoy.

E-commerce Customer Experience

PayPal UK Boss Cameron McLean says that, on average, 88% of online checkouts are abandoned, with one of the most common reasons being the checkout process. Review your customer experience (UX) and your own e-commerce process to ensure it's as seamless as possible.


Many companies, consumers and even the US government have fallen prey to increased cyber scams in recent months. Shopify has allowed many small businesses to sell direct to consumers but it has also spawned thousands of fraudsters. Again, review your own IT infrastructure to ensure it's as secure as needs be.

"As consumers rewire their habits and lifestyles thanks to COVID-19, marketers should take the opportunity to focus and get the basics right."

Seth Godin, American entrepreneur, investor, speaker and author

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