Value Driven Behaviour & COVID

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Case Study: Appeal To The Senses

Kefir is a milk drink originating from the Caucasus Mountains, the mountain region at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Biotiful Dairy faced consumer resistance to kefir in the UK, due to a lack of understanding the product. So how did their creative marketing strategy help solve this problem?

They created new sensory-based videos across their website, social media and e-commerce. They wanted to create an experience rather than just another advert. This helped increase memorability and distinctiveness. Check out some of their short video clips.

Lighten Up

In 2020, just over 33% of ads used a funny or light-hearted tone, despite more viewers searching for positivity and enjoyment rather than security.

Depending on what product or service your small businesses is selling, why not consider offering your followers some entertainment and a moment of light relief during this difficult year? Just remember, it would be sensible to be sensitive!

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