An efficient medical practice is a successful medical practice. Giving your current patients, prospective patients, and referring physicians secure web-based communication tools is more expected now than ever before.

Medical Website Design

Are you wondering what makes a good medical website? A well-designed website, created for you with your goals in mind, needs to do more than look good. The design needs to be clean and intuitive. Whilst you may have a lot of medical knowledge to impart, it’s best your website keeps it to the basics and what is useful to your patients. In short, a website with a simple yet welcoming appearance with functionality that operates without a hitch.

Here Are Some Things To Consider

A. Mobile-Friendliness

  •  optimise your homepage from a mobile perspective. 
  •  feature  a collapsed version of your navigation menu located in the top right corner of your site on mobile devices, which will allow mobile users to see all menu items in a drop-down format.
  •  allow visitors to click and call.
  •  use a platform that allows for automatic mobile responsiveness.
 B. Functionality
  • build an appointment booking platform - the recent lockdowns caused by COVID-19 have accelerated this movement across many industries. We now live in a world where your patients want to schedule appointments from the comfort of their couches.
  • develop an e-commerce to allow patients pay easily, particularly for services like telephone/video consultations
  • create interactive forms
  • design well-placed call-to-action buttons.

C. Content

If your patients find their medical needs match your expertise, they’re much more likely to schedule an appointment.

  • write regular blog posts
  • add an Q&A section 
  • request patient reviews 

D. Navigation
If your visitors can't find their way around your website, they may grow frustrated and ultimately go to another practice.

  • build a well-designed menu
  • create clear calls-to-action

E. Speed

Users expect your content to load quickly. That says enough!

Here Are Some Medical Websites That We Like

We can support your medical practice in building your professional and successful practice web presence and digital solutions. We can help your practice realise more revenue and lower operating costs. Your practice needs more than a brochure website. Your website can be a crucial element in the success of your practice.

Do you want to offer a faster service, less email, fewer unnecessary phone calls, fewer staff distractions and an optimised daily workload?

Paid Search PPC & Analytics

As part of your digital strategy, gathering user data is important. Monitoring how users are accessing your information, your most popular pages, top search terms, and referral sources like Google all play into the continued process of a successful medical practice digital marketing strategy. We can gather data, send you reports, and along with the awareness of your needs, make the necessary adjustments and implement the campaigns that help you continue on a trajectory toward the goals of your practice.

IT, Hosting & Security Solutions

We will work with your IT partner in support of your domain, hosting, email, SSL & other security requirements.

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