As a result of being tied-up in the short term, are you missing out on opportunities?

Here are some facts.

  • During recessionary times, media costs decline. Marketing noise also declines. Therein lies an opportunity and more value for money.
  • Significantly reducing ad spend has negative outcomes for brands. *
  • Companies that increase spending on R&D and marketing, which may produce only modest benefits during the recession,  adds substantially to sales and profits afterward. **

The Power Of Audio

Due to our addiction to smartphones, tablets, HD televisions are we now showing signs of screen fatigue?

More and more people are turning to audio as an escape. The streaming of audio is surging and with the rise of podcasts and smart speakers, audio is now seen as a companion to our daily lives. Watching a video or scrolling through social media locks us to our screens, but we can listen to music or a podcast while doing the dishes, riding the train, or even working.

Should audio be a part of your digital marketing strategy?


An interesting insight into the challenges of building a startup team and then having to downsize.

Remote Working

With remote working likely to play a large part in our future, how can your small business brand play its part in this significant change in how we live & work?

Business In The Community

Small businesses that have a record of supporting their community are in a strong position and goodwill is likely to be reciprocated. How can you tighten that relationship even further? New research from Nielsen, the global measurement and data analytics company, shows that many shoppers have a growing desire to support local producers and businesses.

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** Harvard Business Review - "Roaring Out Of A Recession", 2013

*** Nielsen "Irish Shoppers Support Local During Pandemic"