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What is your marketing focus for 2021? Many of the big brands will concentrate on localisation and customer retention.

Brands are predicting that many consumers will be highly selective about how much they spend and on what. Therefore, brands are likely to place greater emphasis on loyalty and retention marketing to keep and encourage those customers they already have.

If you’re not coming into our stores, we still need to be top of mind for you. Window shopping is less of an occasion these days. So how can we remain in communication?

Forrester Research analyst, Stephanie Liu *

So consider how you can keep your small business brand top of mind with your customers, while at the same time not annoying them with bland messaging, or worse – being seen as bandwagon-jumping.

The Greta Effect

"What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things."

A well known quote but it is relevant to your customers and their claims of care for the planet?

According to research by Gillette, the men's grooming company, the majority of men around the world say they care about the planet and sustainability “now more than ever”.

If you believe these findings to be true, it is further evidence that concerns about the environment and the issue of sustainability are now deeply embedded in the consumers’ psyche. So-called conscious consumerism is on the rise, and sustainability no longer a brief trend, but a vital strategy for many brands. **

In 2019, Nielsen data showed that 46% of global consumers surveyed said they would be willing to forgo a brand name in order to buy environmentally friendly products. ***

Will it be influencing your marketing strategies over the next year?

Positivity Sells

Are your marketing efforts causing a positive or negative response?

Research shows that people respond positively to ads that reference the pandemic if concrete help is offered. ,The reaction to “business as usual” messages and a touch of humour elicit more positive reactions.

Positive responses are far more likely to come from powerful stories – strong narratives are what generate strong emotions. See our post last week; What's The Story.

If brands can help people deal with the pandemic, it makes sense to share that news, but advertisers should also remember that COVID has left today’s audiences fatigued, so in the absence of concrete help, dwelling on the pandemic may not be the best route forward. Brands have a unique opportunity to provide an escape from these issues, and we’re seeing that continue to have impact.”


Rana el Kaliouby, an Egyptian-American computer scientist and entrepreneur in the field of expression recognition research and technology development.

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