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Podcast Advertising

Some trends:

  • With fewer people commuting, people are more likely to listen during normal working hours.
  • With more consideration for downtime, more people are turning to podcasts the late evening
  • With no live sport to talk about those listeners have moved over to other areas like news and comedy.

“We know that audio works very well at increasing consumer attitudes and driving action". Sullivan said.Catherine Sullivan, chief investment officer at Omnicom Media Group North America, told the Wall Street Journal.

Podcast Of The Week

The Rise Of Functional Foods

More and more people are looking for ways to reduce stress and improve sleep. What part can the food & drinks industry play in this?

While comfort eating and alcohol will remain an outlet for many people, a more health conscious customer demographic is looking elsewhere in order to improve sleep, gut health, heart health, mood enhancement, anxiety, mental focus, energy and skin appearance. They may currently be in the minority, a bit like sports supplements were for high performing athlete, there is a good chance they will soon become mainstream.

While CBD has attracted the headlines of late, there are many other products in the market. Here are just a few:

Chill Out

Coca-Cola's launched Chill Out in Japan, a drink that uses hemp seed extract L-theanine and vitamins.

Veg of Lund Smoothie

University of Lund food scientists developed Veg of Lund to help people naturally boost their brain health. The smoothies are rich in omega-3 and 6 fats found in potatoes and Nordic berries.

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Camano Island Coffee
Camano Coffee advocate how caffeine and other plant properties contained in coffee are protective factors against cognitive decline. Clinical evidence shows how drinking 3-5 cups of coffee decreased risk of dementia by about 65% at late-life.

Calm, Good Day Chocolate

Blends fair-trade chocolate with chamomile flower, amino acids and other botanicals linked to releasing tension causing anxiety. Chocolate naturally contains fibre and tryptophan which boosts serotonin.

Metta Beverage

Incorporates adaptogens with ginseng – a traditional Chinese herb used to boost mental clarity. It enhances the brain’s absorption and levels of dopamine and serotonin to naturally stabilise mood.

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Brainiac Kids
A yoghurt designed to support developing brains using a patented ‘brainpack’ formula – a blend of omega-3 DHA, ALA , choline and three strains of probiotics.

Sleep Well

Vanilla or chocolate milk drink made with jersey milk, natural honey and valerian root designed to be consumed 30 minutes before bedtime for better sleep.

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Hi! Happy Inside

Kellogg’s US launched new cereals containing fibre, prebiotics and probiotics. Enriching your gut in these ingredients will support production of the amino acids and microbiome which support brain and mental health.

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Wild Friends Collagen Almond Butter

Made with collagen peptides to provide a “nutrient boost” to the much-loved snack. Marketed as the ‘ultimate win win’ – delicious and good for hair, skin and nails

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TuMe Anti-inflamatory Sports Drinks

Combining the healing powers of turmeric with the natural antioxidants of curcumin this is the ideal beverage for athletes who are looking for a natural way to repair themselves.