Has your small business been around the block? If you've been investing time and/or budget to keep your brand 'front-of-mind' over the past year, as we begin to exit lockdown, now may be the right time to start capitalising.

Remind customers just how long you've been in business and that you're still here. Communicate why you're still here and what customers can continue to expect from your brand. Trust of politicians & the media is at an all time low. Trust is the foundation of all human connections, from chance encounters to friendships. It governs all the interactions we have with each other. Many customers will shop with those that they can rely on.

So how can you communicate that? Firstly, get your head team together to discuss strategy and creative ideas. A 'once off' post on Facebook will not suffice. We have seen far too much of that over the past 12 months. Rather than letting your marketing girl or guy off to create a nice 30 second video before moving onto the next idea or trend, consider a sustained campaign approach.

The best advertisements communicate more than just the key elements of a product or service. In the past, they were forms of storytelling and entertainment that encouraged viewers to stay and watch the advert rather than switching off or over.

Lets' look back to the advertising campaign of Stella Artois entitled "Reassuringly Expensive".

Fast forward to 2021 and Stella's marketing strategy will aim to engender nostalgia among drinkers, a reminder of happier, less-complicated times. a montage of five old ads that celebrate the return to the pub. The final sign-off will highlight the more up-to-date messaging, “The Life Artois”.

Yes, times have moved on. Still, if you want to stand out from the crowd, refrain from the suffocating 'quick win' approach of your competitors.

Podcast Of The Week

Beware Of Cyber Attacks

If you haven't done so recently, touch base with your IT manager or partner to ensure your IT network, email and website are all fully secure.

“Last year, the number of cyber attacks [in France] multiplied by four . . . That’s clearly huge. And clearly the pandemic has accelerated the rhythm of cyber attacks,” Patrice Caine, Thales chief executive in the Financial Times