Never heard of it? You will soon!

Over the past year, many customers have tried to support local as much as possible. Your small business may have benefited from this. However, you can expect multinational companies to start competing for this trend over the coming years in a strategy called "multilocal". Keep an eye out for their advertising & packaging. *

Building Rapport

Email still remains central to a brands’ ability to connect with customers. Brand recall is a qualitative measure of the consumer’s ability to remember the name of a brand. It is the #1 factor that determines whether an email is opened. **

This underlines the importance of having a strong brand. Emailing will just be another wasted marketing effort unless you can rely on a strong brand. As part of your email strategy, always keep It relevant and offer something in appreciation for opening your email, like an offer or even some humour! Finally, the main reason that your followers will unsubscribe is too many emails.

Sign Of The Times

Behaviour & Attitudes released their 2021 edition in the Irish Times last weekend. It includes the following;

  • Evolving role of the home
  • Changing buying psychology
  • New grocery habits
  • Shifting attitudes to sustainability
  • Expectations for the future of work

You can download it below.

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