Consistency x Creativity

Guinness is consistent and focuses on long-term brand building.

Their ‘Made of more’ strategy began in 2012, is estimated to have generated an extra £1bn in sales for Guinness in Ireland and Great Britain.

Guinness ads manage to be culturally relevant without coming across as inauthentic or forced. 'Made of More' focused on individuals’ strength and resilience in the face of adversity and prejudice.

“Appeal to the right brain’s understanding of lived time, its love of wordplay and the relationships between people. Ditch the didactic tone of modern advertising and portray an unfolding story instead. Humour is perhaps the most important tool in the creative’s toolkit.”

Guinness’ stories are never short of unexpected turns, little nuggets of humour and wit, even when dealing with serious subjects.


It appears that restrictions have made people more appreciative of their local surroundings. Consumers say they now pay more attention to what is going on around them, particularly in their local areas, making them value outdoor space more than before the pandemic struck. The lockdown has made them realise the importance of their local high street, developing a stronger emotional connection with their local community.