Podcast Of The Month

Tom Blomfield, the former CEO and Co-Founder of Monzo, announced in January 2021 that he was leaving Monzo, 6 years after founding the challenger bank. He gives a very honest interview here, one that many small business owners & entrepreneurs could relate to.

“When you get to that size, it's about people management. You spend almost no time on product or customers really. It's about process, a lot of process, extraordinary amount of regulation. I've talked about suffering that kind of stress, a build up of stress, it starts impacting your sleep, or at least it impacted my sleep, it became this vicious cycle where not sleeping makes your work worse, make worse decisions."

What Is Your Brand Strategy?

“Our strategic focus is on increasing credibility of the adidas brand, elevating the experience for our consumers and pushing the boundaries in sustainability. To successfully execute our strategy, we will continue to significantly invest into our people, our brand and the digital transformation of the company” – Kasper Rorsted, CEO of adidas.

Corporate Video

Most corporate videos are boring. They often use smiling actors for staff and clips of nature to show how their company is improving the world. Bucking the trend in our opinion, take a look at this one from Swedish manufacturer of windows and doors, Inwido.

How Can You Achieve Brand Loyalty?

Subaru is not a car brand that would come to mind in Ireland or even across Europe. It started as a small scrappy Japanese brand. Over the decades has gone from being a small niche player to one of the most successful brands in America.

Subaru has weathered economic recessions far better than much larger competitors, and it is positioned near the top of consumer satisfaction surveys. It would become a highly successful brand through a relentless focus on understanding its own customers.

A Way To Get Closer To Your Customer?

A subscription offering can be appealing for brands, like Naked Wines, as it provides a more consistent relationship with customers. 

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